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Friday, December 12, 2008

Tsgt Chris Pearson, Graduate of NCO Academy- Class of 12-11-2008

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Hi Everyone,
I am using Photobuckets slide shows up above. So I am not sure if I did it right. Hopefully it turns out well, I also added a grid of the Vietnam Wall Enactment and clearer pictures of our World War II POW who spoke in grid. I hope you can see it better this way then in the slide show above.

I put the nicest pictures I had on there. Some are grainy because it was dark inside the banquet hall that night but I wanted pictures of this reenactment of the Vietnam Wall with the Solider who died standing beside it while his family paid their respects. Many people were crying even the MEN! Then they read the most beautiful, heroic tale of a man in World War II. He then stood up this man and made his way to the microphone and gave a small speech about being a airmen and a man in the military. Let me tell you what, I had goose bumps. Everyone did and Chris and I were very honored to be there just to here this Hero speak. So that was a great way to start the evening. Then we had dinner, and conversation and then the awards ceremony to old classics's like "Funky Cold Medina!" Yes, it was a flash back to the 80's last night. I just laughed. It was fun, we had great people around us and we were the table behind the head table so I couldn't do that much people watching like I normally LOVE to do. However, its over and Chris Graduated as Flight F's Flight Leader. Early that morning, we went to the Diploma Ceremony were he got that and then they had to march like they were in basic training again and repeat the Airmen Creed, and then SING The Air Force Song! OK, I really couldn't help it, I wasn't expecting them to all have to sing but they did and I busted out laughing and quickly rained it in when no one else thought it was funny! Yeah, maybe I do have a warped since of humor! I just couldn't get over it. It still makes me laugh, so that night at the ceremony dinner I videoed the whole room and Chris singing that song again! Maybe I will play it for my own enjoyment. Don't ask me why I find it funny, I think I have heard 50 thousand times and needless to say it was just funny to see these men who have been in for years going back to basic! Plus they laugh at all the new basic recruits here at the base when their getting yelled at. Chris thinks its so funny, so I guess this was my way to laugh back. Over all we had a good night. It was fun and I am glad we went. Chris is going to his squadron's party tonight that I am not going too. I don't want to leave the kids 2 nights in a row, however they did great and we called at bedtime and Sami said "Mom every one's in bed, can I go to bed now?" Yes, please go to bed. We were very proud of them for doing a good job for the first time we actually left Sami in charge. Only 2 phone calls. Not bad. Well Enjoy the movie and the pictures. Chris looks so handsome. I can't say to much about myself. We did not get a good shot of us last night at all. However, its over and Chris has graduated and now back to normal Holiday Life!!!
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Jody said...

I think you both look really nice, and I am glad you got an adult night out