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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sami all dressd up to attend her best friend Emily's Confirmation Ceremony

Well, as most of you already know this is Emily. Emily and Sami are best friends. Tonight, Emily is being confirmed at her church with her family and was allowed to bring one guest and ofcourse choose Sami. So after a long day of running around for the kids, I came home and got Sami done up for the ceremony. Per Sami and Emily's request they wanted me to curl Sami's hair instead of it being striaght. So that took a bit of time to do also. However, they both looked so beatiuful and happy. Sami being Sami ofcourse took a change of clothes of jeans and a tshirt and shoes to change into afterwards for the dinner party. Go Figure. Anyway, Thought I would share how pretty my Sami looked this afternoon with Emily on their way out the door.
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