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Friday, May 28, 2010

Ethan is Knighted for reconition for Service and Compassion for 6th grade.

This was a great moment. Ethan has strived since we moved to Texas and he started at Lackland ISD to be Knighted. They have category's that teachers and staff have to fill they posses and nominate the kids for. They have 3 stages of it. I am not going to even try to spell it out but grade K-1 is one level, grades 2-4th is another level of knighthood( which Hannah got at Christmas time and was able to sit in the section with all those that have been Knighted already) and grades 5-6th are called Knights and they have to take a knee and the person who comes to do the Knighting takes a real sword and taps each shoulder and declares them Knights! We were worried Ethan wasn't going to make school today as he came home from school yesterday sick and slept like 13 hours and woke in the middle of the night sick again and I said to him " Ethan I know you don't want to go to school tomorrow because your sick but you have too at least till after a school wide assembly". He was like " Mom, no way I am not throwing up again at school!" I said OK, (because it suppose to be a surprise) " here it is Ethan, your were nominated and are being Knighted! Can you go to school and then we will take you home afterwards to chill and relax?" He was like " Heck ya!!!" So he went in this morning and got Knighted and reached one of his goals before he started Middle School next year and came home with us afterwards. He looked at me and said " Am I done Mom, I just want to go back to bed!" He ended up having to run some earns with us but we got him home and dropped him off and then had to go back to the school because Hannah had a end of the year Choir Party after school and needed to bring napkins, and today is also Elijah's real birthday and we had to go to his class and take cupcakes and drinks and sing him Happy Birthday. Now I am done! However, I am so proud of you Ethan. You set a goal and you reached it. Congrats on becoming a Knight!
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