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Friday, March 19, 2010

Mike and Niki (Father & Daugther shots)

Ok, because they all left and went to Chili's while I did the Americana shot of Chris and the kids and said "Cori we know you know what your doing and will only pic the best pictures you do all the editing and pic the ones that are good" So Ofcourse I felt overwhelmed and liked certain ones from both backrounds and didn't want them to be upset so I picked the picture of Mike and Niki up close in the bottom right corner with the wall behind them, and the 2 beach poses because they were really good. Mike was so pleased and I was so relieved that he liked what I picked and so did Poppa and Grandma..... I was sweating bullets there for a moment. I got more prints than I normally would have but I had to make sure everyone got a selection and they loved them so much Grandma started crying at Chili's at when Chris ran to get them..... Thank goodness I thought. I was so worried they wouldn't like what I picked out and they did and I had made them 2 collages and they just loved those also. Chris is going to try to scan them so I can share their collages too.
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