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Monday, August 17, 2009

Elijah is sick.... so is Mom!

It's a Monday in our home! I was up all night because I got a UTI. I haven't had a UTI in years! Who knows why I have one now. However, I had some of the numbing pills to help. I had to send Chris out to go get cranberry juice at like 6am this morning so I could drink it. Not long after Chris came home with the cranberry juice and left again for PT before work, someone was tapping my shoulder. I opened my eyes and instantly my nose went on alert! Elijah was standing there saying " Mommy I just threw up and my tummy hurts really bad." So I jumped up and he looked at me and said " Oh NO!!! I have to poop!" RUN!!! I said to him. So while Elijah is in the bathroom, I run downstairs because Sami, Hannah and Elijah decided to have a sleepover in the living room and I could so picture my couch being covered in vomit. Nope, he made it to the downstairs bathroom alright and hit some of the toilet but mostly the walls and floors around it. OK, stop right there! Cori doesn't clean up these types of mess's, but Dad was gone and I grabbed our Lysol disinfecting wipes and started cleaning. Believe me I was tempted to leave it till Chris got home which was about another 45 minutes away from PT but I in my no sleep and UTI pain coma cleaned it up and went upstairs and cleaned up Elijah and got out all my disinfecting items and started spraying and cleaning. I even got out the hand sanitizers and started making the kids use it and spray the toilets with the Lysol spray after every use. I am so tired, I have hardly slept, Elijah is still sick and has been all day long. I can't wait for Chris to come home. He will have Elijah duty and I am going to bed!!! What a long night and day. Welcome to Monday Everyone!

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