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Friday, January 23, 2009

Cowboy UP!!!


This past weekend Hannah and Elijah were invited to go to Fiesta Farms for a Birthday Party. Well, seems as they both got their own cowboy hats and boots they were all Cowboy UP'd to go to a real farm and be with the animals and Elijah's dream came true when he got to ride a actual live horse. Chris said the owners of the Farm couldn't get enough of him and egged him on to swing his hat in the air and keep saying to everyone " RIDE EM COWBOY!" He loved every minute of it let me tell you. Hannah loved riding too. Now they both want riding lessons but yeah we can't afford that. Hannah however feel in love with the bunny's. Chris said she was there for over a hour holding each bunny and loving on it. She now wants one as a pet. All the arguments lately for pets in our house have been wearing Chris and I out. The kids want a pet. A dog, a rabbit, hamsters, cats etc.... they don't care they just want a pet. Chris and I are hard lining that one to a big NO! WE have fish mind you and got like 12 of them to start with. Gold fish mind you. We are down to 2 living ones. That should tell you something OK! Anyway, I just wanted to show off Hannah and Elijah riding horses and at the farm in their hats and boots. They had a great time. We hope to take them back someday so they can ride the horses again.
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Jody said...

I don't care what anyone says, if you don't send out an email that says you finally posted after so long, noone knows to check it! :)
Hannah~ That was very nice of you to let your little brother come to a party you were invited to. Such a good big sister :)