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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our Day at Devine's Pumpkin Patch! I will always remember this day....

THE FINAL FOUR at the Pumpkin Patch!! I love these shots of all 4 kids that are in this collage. I added a few with Chris and I. I am not happy at all about the pictures with me in them but what I can I say, I am big! The kids all had a blast. Most of all they loved the Fishing Pond. This was a catch and release Pond and Ethan caught 4 fish and deemed himself "The Man!". Sami, Hannah, and Elijah all caught 1 fish. They were bummed. They had a blast thou and asked if we could go back at Christmas time to have Pancakes with Santa. I said of course with a resounding YES!, we can! You know me, I am all about stuff like that. We spent most of the day out there, and it was a calm and relaxing, fun family day. This was Elijah's first time at a Pumpkin Patch and the last time Hannah went was when she was 18 months old. Sami and Ethan remembered the Pumpkin Patch in Omaha which shocked me, but then again I am glad they remember.

These are some really good shots of my Sami. She wasn't at all Happy about Ethan out doing her on the catching fish issue. However, she kept saying to me " Mom, this place is really cool!" They ran the maze's, and feed animals which is one of Sami's #1 things to around animals. She say's she is going to be a vet when she grows up, and I personally believe her because she loves animals. She picked out one of the biggest pumpkins they had left on the farm. I personally think she is just one of the most beautiful young girls around! She is growing up on us so quick and is so funny. She loved helping Elijah out and winning race's. She was racing Elijah in the hay maze and she was jumping isle's to beat him and I was holding my breath as I watched and sure enough she missed and went down. I went to jump up and she popped up laughing her head off. Its actually one of my favorite shots of her there along with her alone with the pumpkins.

These are some great shots of Ethan at the Pumpkin Patch today. He is so handsome. He was the only kid against going today and brought his DS to play because he was so sure he was going to be bored. Well we got there and the DS never even made it out of the truck. He loved it. Most of all Ethan loved the fishing. He could have stayed out there all day and night catching and releasing fish. He caught 4 fish and was very proud of it. If you know Ethan, he used every opportunity to let Sami know how many he caught compared to her. He chanted at his 4th catch, "Who's the man, I AM!!" Sami moved to the other side of the pond. Chris and I just laughed. He too picked out a big pumpkin and when all was said and done, he thanked us for taking him.

This is my sweet girl Hannah's pictures at the Pumpkin Patch. She loved everything about it. Hannah can talk your ear off and she reminds Chris and I of that commercial were the dad is picking up the daughter from school and she is just talking up a storm and he is trying to close the door and does and runs around and gets in and she is still talking. That is our Hannah. She talked every one's ear off because she was so excited to be there. She loved the fishing and even caught herself 1 fish. She was happy with that. She wouldn't even touch it. Chris had to take it off the hook for her. She is like her mother, gross! She loved getting her face painted and painting the pumpkin she choose from the patch also. She actually said to me, "Mom, didn't Papaw go with us last time to the pumpkin patch?" Um, Yeah he did when you were 18 months old in Omaha when he visited. I was so happy she remembered that. How she did, I have no clue.

This is my handsome boy Elijah at his first Pumpkin Patch Ever! First, thou let me tell you all because Elijah is so excited to show it off. He got his first as he puts it "Big Boy Haircut" yesterday! Its just spiky in the front but man did he think he was cool! We arrived and he got right out and ran in gun's ab lazing. He was everywhere. I couldn't keep up with him. I finally had to tell him to slow down and we would go to every place on the farm, I promise! He loved all the pumpkins and said..." I have never seen so many in my life!" No, Elijah you poor thing you haven't. Living in Alaska didn't give us that type of opportunity to go to a Pumpkin Patch like down here. He loved fishing and caught his first fish just as we were getting ready to hang it up and move on. He was more than excited but he too would not touch it. He too got his face painted and painted his very own first official pumpkin from the pumpkin patch!

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Jody said...

The 4 of them look so cute! I want the one of them at the top for my godmother frame! :) You guys all look good, and like you had a great time! Love ya me