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Monday, August 26, 2013

The Final Four's First Day of the School Year 2013-14'

Ethan, 15 years old. First Day as a Sophomore in High School

Elijah, 10 years old. First Day at his New School as a 5th Grader

Hannah, almost 12 (in 3 weeks). First Day of School at her New School as a 6th Grader

Sami, 17 years old. Last First Day of High School! She is a Senior!

In a couple weeks we should be moving into our new home and get back to our new normal work/school/car schedule as Hannah and Elijah will be taking a bus to school. As of now Sami and Ethan ride with Chris to base and I keep Sami's truck and take Hannah and Elijah to school. It took me a hour this morning with all the traffic to get Elijah to his school and then over to Hannah's school. However, the first day is always crazy busy with parents, so tomorrow I will be doing the parent pick up/ drop off circles at both schools. However, Sami was not liking not being able to drive to school but she understands why. We keep saying its only 3 more weeks guys if that. I am excited for all of them this year and can't believe that this morning, I had to stand back and take it in that it truly is here, Sami is a Senior. This was her last first day of a school picture and her last year of High School. Then Ethan shaved for the first time this morning. Ok, yep our kids are growing up. I accept it, but its bittersweet. Hannah was a little nervous going to this big new Middle School and Elijah asked as I was driving him to school, "mom, what if no one likes me?" I just told them both to be themselves. Make people smile like they always do. Introduce themselves and eventually they will make all kinds of new friends.  Its a adjustment but to stay positive and just enjoy the new experience and have a good day. Elijah did great going into his class and getting settled as I stopped at the door and he just went right off and I said goodbye as I stood back and he just started unpacking all his supplies at his desk, and I wasn't going to go in with Hannah but she wanted me to, so I did of course! I got in the door were the 6th grade hall is were she goes up to the second level and was told I would need to go get a visitors pass, this is when Hannah turned to me and hugged me and said "don't worry about it mom, I got it from here. Lets do this!" I can't wait to pick them up and see what they think of the schools and how everyone's first day back to school went.

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