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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ethan turns 15!

I realize I am super behind in posting on the family blog so I am doing some quick posts. These are some pictures from Ethan's 15th birthday. Sami took him to the paintball course and paid for his day on the course and stayed and watched him. He had a blast playing against all adults and all Navy guys and gals. All his gear is his own. He got the hook up at Christmas for sure. He had a blast and goes back when he can. We made him a pot roast for dinner of his choice and his ice cream cake and he got to open all his cards from all his grandparents and his watch from his siblings. The next day Nana and the girls and Elijah and I took him clothes and shoes shopping. He got some new jeans and shirts and new pair of shoes. He was a happy camper. He is now almost 5 11' wearing a 13 size shoe, 30x32 jean and mens large shirts. Yes he is our tallest by far! We love you Ethan! His big present/ family getaway was our beach trip for the weekend down to South Padre Island and then over to Corpus Christi to the USS Lexington which was what he really wanted to do.

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