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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sami goes to Prom 2013

I wish I could post the video of how Sami was asked to Prom on the blog but it won't let me upload it. It is however on facebook. Kaden spent a week with Sami's friends and teachers making a video done in claymation and other things piecing together "Will you go to Prom with Me, Sami" to all sorts of designs and to the song "Little bit of Devil in her Angel Eyes". Then walked in after the video was showen in her class Kaden with flowers and she said yes. She didn't know it was going to happen and shocked to see her name on this video. Fast Forward to May 4th. Got the dress ready, Hair done, make up on, and off to the Riverwalk we headed with Sami and Friends to take pictures at the riverwalk for Prom. She was just stunning. Half of San Antonio was having Prom to say the least. The Riverwalk was packed with kids out to dinner before Prom. Next year when she is a senior ( 4 weeks left of the year till she can officially say she is a Senior, YEAH SCARY!) I am sure I will be more tear filled, but for now we sit back and watch and let her enjoy her moments.
Sami all dressed and ready for Prom

Sami showing off the back of her dress and hair

My beautiful daughter at the Riverwalk ready for Prom Pictures

Sami with Nana who got to be here for this special moment

Sami and Friends with her and her date Kaden

Sami and Kaden Stacey Jr/Sr High Prom 2013

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