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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy 17th Birthday Sami!!! Yes, she got another new car!

Long story short, You all have seen the car we got Sami. The Hyundai Sante Fe. Well as of late we have been having nothing but car problems with both the surburban and her car. Well, after weeks of stress and tons of money later, we thought we got it all fixed. We went to drop some food off at a friends house at like 10:30pm because she had neck surgury and got her flowers and magazines etc... to cheer her up. ( I have been there done that and felt the pain so we choose to take it to her), well Sami's car was making a weird sound. Got to the house, Sami turned off the car in her driveway and sure enough it wouldn't start. Spent 2 days of Chris and a guy we know who is a mechanic trying to get it fixed. We just put a new starter in it 3 weeks prior and it was the starter again! They replaced it for free. So the friend told Chris, there is a small oil leak, and I think the spark plugs or pistons are not firing right... Then on Sunday Chris and the kids took of for Six Flags early, I joined them later driving Sami's car and the brakes were acting funny... (mind you these are brakes that are 6 months old). So Chris drove it home, and he could feel what Sami and I were explaining and made a appt at the base garage to have a diagnostic check. We got a full page of a print out of all that was wrong with it, almost $4000 worth! We said enough is enough. We took it to CarMax, and after many, many hours there and tons of cars later, right before we went to go back in, we seen this Chevy Trailblazer. It was less miles and more in our price range. So we narrowed it down from 3 cars, to 1 car and the truck. I made them run the numbers on both and the truck came out cheeper and had less mileage. Finally, and I mean FINALLY we feel like we got these vehicle problems under control. Sami ofcourse loves that she got a truck. (Cowgirl at heart) we love that it has low miles and low montly payments, and got rid of a problem. Now, maybe in a year we will do the same with the Surburban but as for now, we keep on putting on foot in front of the other and Keep Thanking God for his Blessings. Isn't sad when your daughter has a nicer truck then her parents??? Yeah, Yeah it is! LOL

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