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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sami and Ethan's ACT Awards...

In case you can't read what it say's:
Samantha Pearson- For meeting all four of the College Readiness Benchmarks on the ACt and demonstrating the skills necessary for a successful first year in college.
We just got done shelling out more money for her to take college placement tests for her advanced class's. She dropped one this year. She was taking 2, but as Chris and I thought it was to much but we stood back and sure enough sports, and all the commity's she is on and life in general and taking all these class's, she couldn't keep up. I am glad she was able to reconize it and help relieve her stress and say enough. We will be spending this summer filling out tons of college applications as we have to get a jump on it now. Very proud of her.

In case you can't read
Ethan Pearson- For meeting all four of the ACT's College Readiness Benchmarks on the Explore assessment and demonstrating being on target for college readiness and success.
We are very proud of Ethan. He made Honor roll first semester but not the second, but he is working hard to bring it back up. He is such a smart kid. I am excited to see were his road takes him in High School and beyond, but this is a great start. He has spoken to me about some of his thoughts and goals, and one was he was thinking a teacher, and the other a thearpist. He fins phycology very interesting he said. I look forward to seeing many more awards.

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