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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chris's Official Retirement Ceremony Pictures Part 1

I am putting all these picture collage's in order of how the retirement ceremony went. These are all the professional pictures taken at the ceremony, and I choose the best ones and put them together for all to see. This was the beginning of the retirement ceremony. The kids being escorted in, Me being escorted in, and Then Chris with Col.Ayres being escorted in to start the ceremony. Col. Ayres starts the ceremony with a very light hearted and fun slideshow about Chris and his career and family. He did a awesome job and we can't thank him enough.
Chris being presented his medal's and his accomadation medals, awards and achievement awards. He had many! It was great to see Chris getting the reconigtion he so deserves. We were so proud of him. Words just don't describe it.

Soon it was the kids turn to be awarded plaques for their service as military children from the Air Force. This was a very nice surprise for them and they loved it. Then they started presenting me with awards also for serving as a military spouse. My favorite was being inducted into the Yellow Rose of Texas. Very special time. Ofcourse, in a couple of these I am trying to choke back tears.
This was a fun moment, Col. Ayres presented Chris with some personal gifts from himself. First he began talking about what Chris needed for retirement and what Chris wanted for his retirement gift. Chris said a Harley. Well that wasn't in the budget! So he started by telling him to take off his blues coat, and then started with a Retired Hat, Some new shades for the road and a Leather Cut for when that day comes and he gets his own Harley! Then the last gift was just so awesome. Col.Ayres called a famous Washington State congressman and Hall of Famer. #80 Steve Largent. Told him that Chris was a die hard Seahawks fan and retireing after 20 years of service. Steve Largent signed and sent a Seahawks football congratulating Chris for his service and it was presented to Chris and now sits in a glass presentation case in our livingroom. Then his office boss presented him with the Texas state glass with thanks for his service and presented Me and the kids with dog tags with scripture on the back of them. Lots of speech's, lots of tears, and lots of laughs.

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