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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy 14th Birthday Ethan!

Well the day has finally come and Ethan is now 14! He didn't want a birthday party this year, so we gave him some options so he could celebrate the way he wanted to. We had a couple things on the list but the top 2 were going on a Ghost Tour Downtown, or going Paintballing! Yep, you guessed right, paintballing won out! So on Sunday Chris took him to a paintball course and they rented all the gear and 2 hours of course time and bought 2000 paintballs! They had a blast. There tons of other guys out there and couple of them were Navy guys and Ethan even shot one of them in the butt 3 times because he shot Ethan a little to close to home if you know what I mean! So with that Chris and Ethan had a great time and Ethan had come home happy and said I know now what I want for my birthday. PAINTBALL GUN! Luckily, someone was selling her husbands paintball gear and so we got most of it for a good price. Then we just had to go out buy him the vest/gloves/ and ion tank which gives it the power to shoot fast and hard! Chris and Ethan still have bruises on their bodies from getting nailed on Sunday! So we set up a Birthday sign for him, he opened his gifts and geared up and went to town shooting his sign and the trees in the backyard. Yeah, Ethan has found a new love, and hobby... Paintballing! Will post pictures later of him with his cake.
Happy Birthday Ethan! We love you and so proud of you! OH! I forgot I snuck and took this picture... This was on Sunday as Ethan and Chris got ready to go Paintballing. We made Ethan put on some of Chris old fatique BDU Pants and he had a pair of boots that I had bought all the kids awhile back that were to big and now fit him, so both Chris and him were all dressed in camo gear, but ofcourse Ethan wouldn't let me take a picture standing next to his dad in it. He doesn't like his picture taken very much right but hehehe:) I got one in!

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Tina said...

Looks like it was a perfect day for a handsome young man! Great job on the pictures Cori, as always.
Love you all! Grandma Tina