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Friday, February 17, 2012

Shelby has her first ACL Surgery... Poor Girl

Well Shelby finally had her first complete ACL replacement surgery. This was the night we brought her home. She is still in a lot of pain and when she walks its on 3 legs. She keeps the other lifted. I got her eating and drinking a little bit at a time a day now and we finally got her taking all her meds to help with pain. Is been 2 days since her sugery. She actually for the first time today climbed up on the coach by herself and I had no clue till I went back downstairs to check on her. So that is a good thing. Plus I got her to walk all the way around the house and back for part of her PT process and to eat and drink out of her own dog dish's. She laid down when she did it but its all progress. We have to put a cone on her head when we are not around and at night because she keeps licking and pulling out her stitches. Soon she is going to have to give in and go to the bathroom in her own yard thou! She will pee but rarely. However, she isn't drinking that much either. However, we know she will get better and be up and running soon. However she still has one more ACL to go! Needless to say she is getting babied. I hear her whine and cry from down stairs and I am up and down all night as she can't get up stairs to get me or sleep in our room right now. Keep everyone posted!

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