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Monday, February 13, 2012

Elijah's Playing Basketball!!!

This is another game of Elijah's playing basketball. Its still so cute to watch but he is getting better and screening his guy or girl and making the shots! He has decided to skip soccer season this year and wants to try his hand in Karate. So we will see how that goes as soon as bball season is over which is coming up here shortly as Soccer practices are already starting this week. Chris is coaching Ethan and Hannah's team's again this year. Chris was a little disappointed that Elijah didn't want to play but we try to give them a chance to play one sport a season and what they want. Sami is going to be Chris's assistant coach this year also! So that should be fun, oh how I can hear the arguements now!!! I promise to post some updated pics of Ethan soon. He hates me taking his picture!

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