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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sami and Hannah at thier Basketball Games

Hannah is playing on a all girls team... She Loves it! She plays such good defense. I am so proud of her as are many others. The ref's and the coach's and parents all told her "that's how you play!" she was so excited. The coach from the other team actually gave Hannah a card or paper I am not sure and said "you play next year and call me I want you on my team". She said well my big sister plays bball and is on the JV team. Sami was having a proud big sister moment at that when the coach said "well you keep watching her and keep getting better!"
This is LaPryor the team Sami played over Christmas break and we lost too. This was a home game last Tuesday. THEY WON!!!!!! It was a good game from what I hear and Sami played well and I am so excited for the team. They are not having the best of season's but they are doing their best with all the new girls that are freshman learning the game and how to play high school sports. However, Sami is the co-captain of her team and I love how aggressive she is and how much she loves sports. The season is almost over and homecoming is this weekend. Will post more of Homecoming this weekend.
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