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Monday, December 19, 2011

Shelby Pics....

 Hannah and Shelby!!! She loves her doggy! Shelby just follows the kids around and I think is still getting used to the house.
 A Boy and His Dog! Elijah and Shelby! If he could get Shelby to climb up onto his high bunk bed he would... he so badly wants her to sleep with him!
Sorry sort of blurry.... This is what Shelby does to me most of the night... comes and stands or sits right next to the side of my bed whining to wake me up or blowing in my face to get my attention... I am hoping that the kids being home for Christmas Break for 2 weeks puts her on a better day/night schedule. Sami is sleeping downstairs right now and what does she do, still comes up to our room and wakes me up at 2am to let her out! Why doesn't she wake anyone else up? Chris says because she already has you wrapped and knows you mom and will get up and do it! He is probably right! I can't help it. She is a good dog!

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