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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Shelby gets her first bath... So does Sami!!!!

So.... Its been raining here A LOT! Our backyard is like a mini pond and lots of mud. Shelby loves to go out and just lay in the grass... well she laid in the mud and her legs were just covered with mud. She needed a bath anyway and we were going to take her to the groomers we called that does everything! When I say everything I mean something gross too! Anyway, Chris bought some pet shampoo and Sami gladly wanted to be the one to give her a bath. We got her in the tub and Sami climbed right in with her. Hannah and I held up towels as with all dogs they LOVE to shake when they are wet. It was like 3D motion her shaking back and fourth and from side to side. But we scrubbed good... then to get her all pretty for Christmas, we have been brushing and brushing her out.... She is doing ok! She seems to be in a lot of pain with her legs with the cold weather and rain. Plus she has a bad ear infection. Still worried about her eating etc.. but she goes to see the Vet on Dec 28th... he will give her a look over and tell us were to go from here and probably schedule her first Torn ACL surgery when the kids go back to school so she can rest and re coop. They said about 6 weeks to be totally healed... and 3-4 months later they will repair the partial torn ACL in her other leg and she should hopefully be good to go and have more energy and not so much pain. My parents and brother and neighbors and the kids friends who have all met her can't get over what a good dog she is... How calm and relaxed etc... we just already love her to pieces and she is part of the family! I am going to get a picture of her with the kids in front of the tree to add to the blog on Christmas Morning with her red bow on! Can't wait to add her to the side! But for now she smells so good and looks so pretty with her red hair!!!!

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