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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meet Shelby!!!

 Meet Shelby!!!! She was as most of you know suppose to be the kids Christmas Eve gift but well things happened with the people she was staying with and they wouldn't keep her till then, so Chris and I went and picked her up Monday night (dec 12th) and put a big red bow on her like we were going to do and brought her home. We called and told the kids to go to a room together and not come out. We brought her in. She is so behaved and trained. She walked around a bit and then we sat her in front of the tree and called the kids down. As you can see The Final Four were very excited. They have begged for a dog for a long time now and Shelby was the fit.
 Hannah seen her and started crying instantly, "You got us a dog! You got us a dog!" She cried and cried because she was so happy. Sami teared up too. The boys were just excited and shocked. But Hannah couldn't control herself. She even said "You can return all my presents now, this is the best gift ever!" then later she said well keep a couple presents!
 We were trying to keep things as calm as possible and not let the kids crowd Shelby so we made them all sit down and greet her individually. Here Hannah is crying and Elijah is just so excited he has a dog.
 Sami took her upstairs and sat with her in her room for a bit to have some one on one time. Trying to get Shelby used to the house.
Ethan spending time in his room with Shelby for his one on one time with Shelby. She is a good dog. We are so happy with her. She does have 2 torn ACL's and will need surgery to have them repaired after the first of the year but other than that, she is so pretty and still getting used to us and we are still training her to our rules in the house and training the kids on how to handle her, but she sits out in the yard without a lead, walks next to us on a leash or without, listens and over all my biggest complaint is she loves the furniture to sleep on. So we made her, her own corner with old pillows and a blanket without scent on it and every time she gets on the coach we tell her down, and lead her over to her bed and make her lay down there. By night 2, she was sleeping in her bed! First night was like having a newborn! Today I woke up and she was upstairs for the first time sound asleep on Sami's bed. Hmmmm going to have to decide on that one but if she wants to sleep with the kids I actually don't have a problem with that. As long as she isn't on my furniture downstairs! She must be feeling more comfortable here to do that. So anyway, Here is Shelby Pearson! We also believe that she is about 3 years old, and is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. So good:)

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