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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sami Hurts Her Shoulder!

Yes, her friends call her cluts! Why?? Oh yeah, because she is always hurting herself. Ok, long story short... During Volleyball season Sami was one of the team captains and she takes sports very seriously. Sometimes, well ALL the time!! She is very competitive on the court. Well, with that said she was always one to dive for the ball and make the plays as much as possible. Well she took one to many dives! She hit the floor always on that shoulder and slid into the bleachers and smacked her head too. After this she continued to play with her shoulder in pain. She came to us and said she needed to go see the Dr. Couldn't get her in to Ped's here so finally one night she was in so much pain that Chris took her to the ER. They thought she tore her rotator cuff in her shoulder. Sling bound and no sports! She wasn't happy. Then she had a MRI and we waited. One day I get a call from her Ped Dr. and he was freaking out. I mean freaking out so badly that I had to calm him down about it and I was her mom. Needless to say we got into the Ortho Dr the very next morning instead of another couple weeks. They seen she slightly fractured her shoulder right next to her rotator cuff and she had bursitis also. So she got put in this immobilizer for a month but not constantly. Just at school and things like that. At home and doing normal things she is out of it and doing PT. She is doing much better and it looks like she will be back on the basketball court in a couple weeks. Its killing her not to be playing right now. However, she goes to every practice and she PT's at practice instead of doing the real practices. Pictures of her to come playing Basketball soon. Coach said she is probably going on Varsity this year but we will see.

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