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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Look into a Day in the Life Of Sami in High School

Lets see.... as you can see Sami is forever going, and going. She has a ton of friends and loves school, sports and friends. These are just some pictures of a collage she put together for her friend Rae's 16th Birthday. Sami and her friends decorate each other's lockers for their birthdays. However, this is only for the B-Squad. Her tight knit friends. Let me see the middle picture is of Sami and the whole Student Council. The things she does for the school and community are awesome. Daley is the Student Body President and many of Sami's friends and Sami included are working on building college transcripts as they were told to by some visitors from local colleges and what they look for to get scholarships etc.... The bottom two pictures are of Rae on her 16th bday at school w/ Daley and Sami. Then The girls before heading out to the Eli Young Band Concert.The top two are of Sami's Volleyball Team. She was co-caption for the JV Girls Team and loved to dive for the ball and make those plays and in doing so hurt her shoulder and ended up missing the last part of the season and the start of the Basketball Season, however she is on her way back to the court! Then there is a picture of Cristina and Rae and Sami also. She has a fun life I would say. Thought I would share this little glimpse into her life and ours. However, I wouldn't have it any other way! Now if Ethan would just bring his friends over!!! Boys are sooo different about that stuff:)

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