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Monday, November 28, 2011

Holidays in the Park at Six Flags

As we have for the past 3 years we went to Holidays in the Park at Six Flags the day after Thanksgiving for the tree lighting ceremony, to enjoy the park all lit up for Christmas and to get our Santa picture! Thanksgiving afternoon, Ethan had decided to go out and play some football with friends and in doing so fell and wouldn't you know it, broke his forearm again the same way he did in 6th grade. Thank goodness it was one arm this time not both! So they made him a splint to let the swelling go down and are casting him today (Monday Nov 28). So this is why you see him in a sling and arm like that. Yep, nothing like a trip to the ER on Thanksgiving! Pretty soon the people at Ortho are going to start thinking we beat our children if we keep visiting there with Sami and Ethan. We had a good time at the park but we were all tired needless to say. However, the kids got the Santa picture I wanted and I had it put into a snow globe this year! I was pretty excited about it. I know, I know... I get excited over the little things. Can't help it. The house is all decorated inside now and ready for Christmas. Just need to get the outside done now. Enjoy, and Welcome Christmas Season!

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