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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Halloween! Sorry I am late posting:)

So Happy Halloween Everyone!! I know I am so behind on posting on the family blog. My apologies. So Sami ofcourse recycled Chris's custome from last year and went as the fat ballerina, but a short one!!!Hannah wanted to be Sally from the movie Grease. So we found this adorable Sock Hop Costume. Elijah well that is another story. He wanted to be a power ranger. Chris took him to some factory outlet Halloween stores that pop all over town and he was in heaven. Elijah loves to dress up as some sort of action hero whenever he can. So he was like a kid in a candy store. He would pick up one power ranger costume and then put it back for another costume so and so fourth. So finally, he decided on the Ninja costume. Why?? Oh because it came with daggers and a sword that is why! Needless to say about a hour before trick or treating Ethan dressed up as I don't know what. He says a undercover cop. Wore black and a hat and sunglass and headed out with like 15 of his friends while Sami headed out with her friends and Hannah and Elijah with Chris, while I passed out candy. Soon the night came, everyone was getting eatin alive by misquitos and we were starving. I ordered pizza and everyone came in and we all watched Paranomal Activity together. Well not Hannah and Elijah but the older kids and me. It was fun.

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