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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Girls Night Out!

On Oct 28th, Sami had been invited to go with her best friend Daley to go see The Randy Rogers Band!! For Daley's Birthday gift her parents had bought tickets for Daley's Mom Corinne and herself and some of Daleys friends to see the concert with her. Well, it ended up that no one could go. So Daley had asked me to go. I didn't want to at first. So Corinne called me and said the tickets were paid for and the money would be wasted if I didn't use the ticket and come out with them. Make a Mother's Daughters Night out! Finally, after many reservations on my part, not theirs I went and I am so glad I did. Watching the concert, having a great time with great people and sharing this with the girls who were ear to ear smiles all night long was the best. The worst part, FREAKING COLD OUT! I kid you not, of course a huge Arctic cold front moves in on that night and its a outside venue. The girls were freezing and Corinne and I tried to drink some beers but we were so cold we were not warming up at all, our bodies were metabolizing it way to fast. Plus it was last night of the World Series. The Randy Rogers Band had refused to take the stage till the Texas Rangers Won. Well we all know how that turned out. Don't even get me started on that subject!!! So finally, they took the stage. They played a awesome concert and we left and hit the IHOP at 1am and got home after 2am. What can I say except it was truly a wonderful time with some of my favorite people. Plus yeah, we are sort of addicted now to the Texas Band Circuit!

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