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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ethan at MW3 Video Game Release Party and MW2 Tournament

Posted by PicasaA Couple of nights ago, I think Monday night, Ethan who is a HUGE XBOX LIVE fan and plays with people/kids all over the world by joining groups he plays against and talks to over his headphones while playing these games, talked Chris into taking him to go compete in a MW2 Tournament while waiting for the midnight release of the new MW3 game to come out. They only did 1 round in the Tourney and Ethan played in it and WON! He played against adults and kids his age too. He won the poster and you can see him playing in the tourney and one picture of everyone cheering him on. This is something he loves. Right now, he is dying because he got the Red Ring Of Death off of his XBOX which kills the machine. Uncle Jay brought him his old white one and Ethan was able to download a old external hard drive and upload it to the white one where he didn't lose any of his information etc.... However, this white xbox is very old, and he is desperate need of a new one, which I think Santa might just have to bring to him for Christmas. The older the kids get the more expensive their gifts get. However, I will give him and Sami this... they don't ask for much and know when they have way less under the tree its OK and they are grateful because they still got what they wanted. So I am hoping I can get to Target this week. They have the Xbox for $199 and you get a $50 gift card for free to shop at Target on them. That's $50 of free money to use toward Christmas shopping! Can't beat that deal. So I hope I can get out there. IF not BLACK FRIDAY Shopping is surely in our future! WE will probably leave on Thanksgiving evening to be honest because the stores are opening early this year. Here's to getting all the good deals and saving money and to my Ethan for doing what he loves. I hope he can use this to do what he wants to as a adult.

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