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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Well, sort of don't know where to begin, but long story short again. As we all know, Elijah is a big boy! We took him in for a physical and found out how big. Not good news. So with that said, we jumped into action as its more important to get him to lose some weight and learn to be healthy now then to wait till he is older and its harder for him. We got a Pediatric Dietitian involved and more. Well, so they ordered all kinds of blood work first to check for thyroid problems, diabetes, hypertension, endocrine glands,  pulmonary issues and tons more. Yes, he was ran through the gament on that one. But it needed to be done to make sure first it was a medical issue. No, to all the above, except we did find out they think he might be slightly on the line of diabetes but not sure. More tests to come on that one. Anyway, THE BOD POD... The Technical name is Air Displacement Plethysmograph. Say that fast x3 times! It is the gold standard for measuring body composition, specifically fat mass and lean body mass. What we learned from it was were Elijah falls into it all compared to the FDA's "Normal Standards". Elijah loved it. He said it was like being in a spaceship. When he couldn't hear Chris, he said " it sounds like your far-far away dad!" Always with the jokes. We have changed the whole grocery shopping experience to low sugar and low fat foods. Needless to say, its a slow process in this house at dinner time. Elijah is still after 3 weeks refusing to eat dinner. Meaning "Normal Food" Like Ham, Turkey, Pot Roasts, Taco's, Spaghetti, Chicken, and especially no side dishes like mashed potatoes or vegetables etc... He won't eat any sort of meat what so ever! He have put him on a 1000 calorie or less diet. He gets breakfast and a contained lunch. He only drinks water bottles with a flavor of his choice called MIO. You squirt into your water to give it flavor. It has no dietary value at all. He eats whole wheat gold fish, whole wheat peanut butter sandwich's, fruit, and 100 calorie packs for snacks, and baked chips etc.... He has lost 5 pounds we found out today! But its a long road still ahead of us. One day I hope he gives in and starts eating food I know he would like if he would just try it. Yes, he used to eat everything we feed him. It wasn't till he started Kindergarten that it ALL STOPPED!!! I have no idea why. However, we are doing this as a family. Everyone is going to eat this way to support Elijah and it doesn't hurt the rest of us at all. We have what we call in this house "THE PEARSON GUT!" and well we all could stand to lose some LBS. So keep Elijah in prayers. I got a feeling this is the beginning of our journey and he meets with a dietary lady on the 30th of Nov. She will help us try to get him to start eating other foods and help us set up a better diet for him. Till then....

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