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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Basketball Season has started for THE FINAL FOUR!!!!

Oh how I LOVE Basketball!!! All four of my kids play basketball and YES!!! The season has begun. Unlike the dang NBA!!??!?! Grrrr!!!!
Sami is co-caption again for the JV Girls Basketball Team, and is just now starting to practice as she has been on the injured players list. Ethan is in his last year of Youth Basketball on base. He LOVES his team and is having the best time. Elijah is loving practicing right now but boy, he came home and said, "Mom, that was a work out, I think with that and my workout DVD this is going to be tough!" I just hugged him and said to have fun with it and don't worry about anything else. Elijah being him was A OK with that! Hannah this year is on the first ALL Girls Basketball Youth Team. She knows all the girls and LOVES it too. All I can say is The Final Four was the perfect name for my kids and this blog because they love it as much as I love the game and watching them play it. Let the Season Begin!

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