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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Customes Have been Decided!!

So Elijah believe it or not changed his mind again! He wanted to be a Power Ranger. I bought him one online because it was clearances out..... got here and it was way to small for him. Go figure! Anyone need a brand new power ranger costume? Then he went to the BX and found a spider man mask and the web spray and bought it with his own money and decided he was going to be spider man. Well Guess what. After searching tons of places around town and online, Spider man comes in size's 8-10 biggest for kids or it then starts in adult sizes.... Grrrrr, however Chris found this new place because Hannah always knew she wanted to be Sandy from the movie Grease. The Sock Hop Girl!!! So cute!! I just love it and its so her! Anyway, again very hard to find in girls sizes, mostly in adults. Well Chris came thru and found this Halloween place and found Hannah's size in the Sock Hop Outfit for Hannah and he even found Power Rangers and Spider man for Elijah in his size also but wouldn't you know it. That place is like Elijah's heaven. You just put him in a place were he could dress up and act out the part for everything he likes. So he just kept searching because those 2 ideas were no longer on the table. Finally, he found this Red Dragon Ninja Costume and got a samurai sword and he was set! He is so excited and can't wait for Halloween. We made them both put them back in the bags after we took pictures of them at home and said you can wear them on Halloween and after for dress up anytime you want. Till then thou they stay in the bags in the closet. Hannah, no problem. Elijah, very disappointed. He wants to wear the thing to bed if he could! Now Sami and Chris are looking for a costume this year. They love being silly and it has to be something funny. So we will see what those two come up with. Ethan and I, well I don't get dressed up and nor does Ethan. He doesn't care for it anymore. However, he will go to the Halloween Parties and help pass out candy with me. Happy Halloween Everyone.....
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