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Monday, September 5, 2011

Cowboys Dancehall Musicfest II Concert

Well we have had a great Labor Day Weekend.... Friday, Chris and I went out to lunch together and to Sami's Game and Hannah had Volleyball Practice, then Saturday we went to Texas Hill Wine Country for Stompin of the Grapes, and Sunday we went to Musicfest II and seen Reckless Kelly, Shelda Larue, Kevin Folwer and the headliner The Eli Young Band!!! We were all very excited. Some of Sami's Volleyball Team Friends joined us. They all had a good time. It was 105 out and we drank so much water!! Plus the wind was crazy blowing but so hot! Needless to say as time trucked on and finally night arrived so did more and more people to see Eli Young Band. It was out in the big parking lot and not a lot of security to say the least.... we were up front and us adults kept taking turns with the kids standing and sitting with the groups. Well as Kevin Fowler took the stage the surge of people started to push forward and started pushing their way up front and of course the girls didn't know how to say no when people pushed their way in... then Coach Samanatha and I put the girl in front of us and tried to stand our ground.... soon after Kevin Fowler took over a HUGE Surge of people started to push forward... I did my best as did Chris to protect the kids from pushing and shoving and telling people no and quit pushing.... well about 2 songs into Eli Young Band Elijah wanted out of the crowd.... plus 3 of Sami's friends did too... so I stayed with Sami, Kathy, and Hannah. Hannah was all the way up front. I was 3 people behind her. These teenage girls and or group just out of nowhere pushed and shoved to the front and took over and started pushing the railing over and security had to push people back.... well then a huge guy with a little girl on his shoulders decided to yell birthday girl and tried to cut a path to the front, then security pointed at him like they wanted him, so I moved and actually security was telling him to get her down and move back, well he wouldn't and nor would his friend or daughter or his wife! So at this point I lost it, and finally grabbed all my girls after a few choice words with this guy and his wife and got us out of there.... Worst part of the night to say the least. But we went over and moved off to the side of the crowd were we could still see and was not being pushed and shoved and watched the kids listen and sing to the rest of the concert and we left. Exhausted to say the least! However with that little hicup there at the end it was a great time. Next time we know what to do thou for sure, not be in the surge up front!! Now its Monday, we have to get the house ready and everyone ready to get back to school and work and back to the normal grind of things. However, I think this weekend was well worth it! Hope you all had a Wonderful Labor Day Weekend Everyone!
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