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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School

Yesterday Aug 22nd, 2011 The Final Four had their first day of School. Sami is 15 and now a Sophomore in High School, Ethan is 13 and is now a 8th grader (next year I will have 2 high schoolers! When did this happen???) Hannah is 9 1/2 (turns 10 Sept 25th) and is now a 4th grader, and Elijah is 8 and is now a 3rd grader. They had a great first day of school. All 4 already had homework and ofcourse on top of the tons of paperwork and school supplies we have already bought...(the cost of school supplies and clothes is getting crazy) we still had tons more paperwork to fill out, and ofcourse got more supply lists with a deadline to have it all by so the kids don't get knocked in points in class's. Let the fun begin! Here's to a great new school year. We are so proud of all 4 of our kids. Yeah, I am one of those parents but I consider myself a pretty lucky Mom! Some of the best kids right here in the WORLD!
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