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Friday, July 1, 2011

Family Day spent at Comal River in New Braunfels, TX Inner tubing!

Well this is something we have been wanting to do for a very long time. Head down to New Braunfels, TX and rent some inner tubes and bring a cooler full of food and snacks and drinks and float on down the river and enjoy our day. We learned many things we will do differently and what we like and don't but I have to say, its a very low cost thing to do and even more cheaper if you go buy your own inner tubes with the backs to support your back and floating coolers from Academy Sports and just get in the river at the public access spots along the way instead of paying to rent all the tubes and coolers! Yeah, like I said we learned a lot but we also had the best time and a great family day that was well worth it.

As you can tell, you don't even get out of the river unless you want too of course to eat or drink. You seriously just float along. We tied our inner tubes together or put our legs over the others to stick together and just kicked back and relaxed. Its legal to drink while on the river,(No glass bottles thou)!!! but illegal to drink when on the grounds off the sides like in a picnic area. So truly it didn't matter. You just say hey I am thirsty, pull out the Tupperware of sandwich's, toss some bags of chips around, or beef jerky or sodas etc... to each other and eat and drink as you just go down the river. There are areas were we got out because it like very small rapids but I didn't want to get hurt or flipped over, so we untied the kids and they went through it and Chris and I pulled our tubes across the bridge and met them on the other side and got back in and tied only a couple together of inner tubes as basically my kids are fish anyway and decided to jump out and swim in the river and pop up and down in and out of the inner tubes and Chris tossing them all over the place etc.... There were a lot of different age's of people on the river from very young to much older and everyone doing their own thing. However, everyone was so cool. If we bumped into each other which was hard not to do with the current of the river or bunching up we all just sat and talked till we naturally separated by the river or paddled with feet and hands to move around. So we just found a new favorite spot to go to and spend a afternoon at. Couple more things we want to try out but this was defiantly worth it!

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