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Monday, June 6, 2011

Hannah Earning Academic Awards and her Cheerleading Squad Cheering!

Hannah received 4 wonderful awards especially for being a 3rd grader. Our kids go to a DOD's School, Lackland ISD which means it belongs not only to the city and state but military guidelines as well. Lackland pounds into us parents that they are not a athletic school by pride themselves on a high academic status and push and strive for the children that attend this school reach high academic goals as well. Where as I fall in the middle of all this... as I see both sides as a parent with 4 children with 4 different personalities, I do love the academic side of it. This day Chris and I were at BAMC for a pre op appt for me for a next day surgery. We were doing everything possible to make it back to Lackland for her ceremony. All we knew was that Hannah was being awarded for accommodations with medals for surpassing and beyond her tacks tests in Reading and Math. However, we couldn't make it back in time and luckily Sami's class that she was in was with a teacher that knows us well as most of the school does but this teacher is really nice.... she let Sami run over out of class and go take pictures for us of Hannah because we couldn't get there on time and take our place. Not only did she get the medals she was awarded by her teacher a Citizenship Award and by the Principal her Straight A All Year Long Honor Roll. So she got 4 awards. We are very proud of Hannah and hope that she only keeps this up as the years march on.
This is of course Hannah's new sport! Go figure right? This fits Hannah's personality to a tee. She is now a Lackland Youth Cheerleader! Were as the base can not afford custom cheer leading uniforms, they wear shorts and shirts of the color requested. These pictures are of them warming up before they were requested to come and cheer at a Generals retirement ceremony on base in black and white, with Air Force Blue and White Pom-Poms and a mother made their hair pretties in Red, White and Blue ribbons. She loves it to say the least. She can't wait till she can actually cheer in a real uniform and get better and better. She can't wait to get so good as to be thrown in the air etc..... Lord help me! Sami is the one on the court and banging it up on the court, and Hannah is on the sidelines cheering her on!!! I can just see it! However, that will never happen with the age gap between them. But the comparison is so there in my mind how different my girls really are. My boys are exact opposites as well. It makes for never a dull moment in our home for sure. They are each their own and I love each of them. They carry something of each Chris and I in them... most of all they do carry a independence and mouth that I fully admit come from me. Ethan also got a award and got his book published in Texas State History. Of course, I didn't know about it and no pictures were taken for me to post but another thing as they get older you have to get used to. Middle School and High School don't call mom and dad unless they deam it important. So I know officially have Sami a Sophomore in High School, Ethan a 8th Grader in Middle School, Hannah a 4th Grader in Elementary School and Elijah a 3rd Grader in Elementary School. The Final Four made Honor Roll all year long and as I always say and will keep saying I hope they keep it up and know what we expect even as they grow in years and the work gets harder. Congrat's Hannah on your accomplishments and to The Final Four for a great year!!!
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