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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Well Why NOT!!! In the middle of Severe Thunderstorms and damaging winds and Tornado Warnings with Large Hail!

Why not right!!! First time Chris leaves me TDY and Jay no longer lives here, its decides that its going to give me a storm to weather!!! These are shots I just took about 10 minutes ago outside my house. I for the first time in over a year had no choice but to drive the kids to school this morning when it was just raining. It got VERY BAD within a hour after they were at school. We have Severe Thuder and Lighting and Large Hail and we are under Tornado Warnings and as I sit here watching the news looking at pictures of people sending in pics are making me crazy! I feel like I should go get my kids but at the sametime stay put because its nasty out. Green and Black sky's really funky looking clouds, etc... it sounds like I am in the middle of a tornado its just whipping around the house and you can hear it blowing through the window seals. I ran out and took some pics! However, Praying and It should be gone by time its 3pm and probably will be clear skies when its time for kids to come home aside from the steady rain they said we will be getting. HOLY COW!!! This is unreal. I can't even put into words how load and thunder is and the hail hitting the house and the wind. Thinking I should of listened to myself and kept them home but this is where Faith comes in and I just give it to God and stay in doors, let the schools lock down and take care of my kids and go get them when its over! This is not normal for San Antonio! Ok, well it is if we are in the middle of a Tropical Storm or Hurricane!!! Even the weather men are like this is very similar to these types of storms expecially with green sky's. I don't like that. Lived in Tornado Alley for a long time. That is not a good sign. Someone just sent the news a storm of a thunnel cloud. Ok, God Take this away for me!!! I give it to you!
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