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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Waiting On Dad to get home....

While waiting on Chris to arrive home this afternoon from his TDY from Maryland, we all got dressed and were waiting outback watching Elijah roll himself down the small hill into the fence line. Don't ask! He loves doing this and wants us to come watch him all the time. So Hannah joined in giving him a big push. So I need a new profile pic for face book, so Sami had the camera and got a pic of me sitting down before we headed out back to wait on Chris. Then Sami started taking some other photos and while watching Elijah she called my name and I turned and she got a decent shot of me that I actually liked! Plus I got a actual half smirk on Ethan's face catching him off guard taking a pic in the computer room. So this is how we wasted a hour waiting for Chris to get home and he made it home and we were all more then ready to hit the road and get out of this house! We went to Joe's Crab Shack for lunch, Bed, Bath & Beyond to get Sami new bedding (love their clearance bedding section), Rack Room for BOGO to get some new heels for Sami for her dress's and sandals for the girls, and AT&T to get Chris's cellphone fixed, and we went into this cowboy boot place that I had seen. HOLY COW!!! These were the real deal hand stitched/crafted, real leather, alligator etc..... boots. Beautifully designed boots too, but one problem.... the cheapest pair was $300!!! No I am not kidding! The pair we went to get that we seen online yeah um NOT!!! $400!! So the girls and I started just out of curiosity picking up boots and looking on the bottom at prices.... one pair of boots was $2,400!!!!! FOR A PAIR OF BOOTS!!! Very Girly and Awesome colored boots but again who pays that much for a pair of boots???? Yeah, I told the girls, we are so in the wrong boot store, we need to head to the poor mans boot store on base were they cost $50! Insane! Heck, Chris and I even went about a month ago bed shopping to get me a Temperpedic Eugo Bed because my Dr had recommended it for me to lift my head/back and legs and help with the shifting of my spine. Again, who pays almost $10,000 for a queen size bed??? NOT THIS GIRL! I looked at the salesmen and said "I hope you don't work off commission because this is crazy!" He laughed and said "tell me about it!" and Chris and I walked out and went and bought a Tempurpedic bed topper that I can take with me anywhere and new pillows. In this economy I don't know how people can pay such prices anyway! We shop sales and clearance sections and call me cheep but well there it is. Also this week, May 19th we find out if Chris made Msgt! Last year he missed it barely. He was #2 non selectee. It hurt to say the least! So we are praying hard for it this year that he dotted his I's and crossed his T's to make that .01 point to make it! Explaining the whole process of how the score ranks is nearly impossible, I still don't understand the whole process of it either. All I know is I would like him to come home holding his stripes with a line number to sew it on! Have a great weekend and week everyone!
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