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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sami Awarded for A/B Honor Roll All Year Long at Academic Banquet

 Well, this isn't the first time we have taken similar pictures and this might look familiar! However, I hope it stays that way and next year their are 2 Pearson Children being honored at this banquet. Sami has yet again for the 4th year in a row made A/B Honor Roll all year long. This is her freshman year of high school and we are so proud of her and all the goals she is reaching. On top of keeping her 3.8 GPA she also played JV Girls Volleyball and Basketball this year and we still have the Atheltic Banquet to attend for her next week were she will be honored there as well. However, I am more proud of the Academic one. She is growing up on us as you can see. She looked so grown up tonight and beautiful. Chris while I finished getting ready because well I am always last because I have to get all 4 kids ready before I am finished, so I asked him to take the kids out back and take some pictures for us to have of The Final Four looking sharp! I am bias and that is ok, but I have some of the best looking kids around! Then Sami's friend Rae who missed being awarded by 2 pts. and we were so bumbed she didn't make it, came by and took pictures of Chris and I with Sami outside before taking off. I like getting some shots of just our family and we all looked cleaned up with somewhere to go!
At the banquet they served us Olive Garden! It was good! Got to catch up with some mom's and meet some of Sami's friends parents finally as well. Once the eating part was over we went to another part of the school were the award ceremony began. Sami and Daley are the two of her group of friends that were awarded this evening. However, there were many other kids there that we knew who were also awarded. Only 4 kids made straight A's. Yeah Sami wasn't one of them:) LOL!!! So we got some shots of Daley and Sami getting thier medals and awards and afterward we got pictures of them together and their good friend Kathy came also to support them and got Kathy in there as well. What a awesome night. As much as we embarass Sami ( its the age I am telling you) we are so proud of her. She has her sights set on goals and so far she has reached everyone. The sky is the limit! I can't wait till all The Pearson kids are on these lists! Will post more pics when we go to her althetic banquet.
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