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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sami, with Girlfriends wearing their own designed Glow in the dark shirts!

 Right to Left.... Rae, Kathy, Sami, and Daley. There a couple more girls that Sami hangs out with missing from this picture but this are her main group of girls. She is upset cause one of her friends is moving to Germany! Oh what I would give!!! The girl is upset too and I know transition is very tough being a military brat.... and another country but I think she will love it once she gets involved in sports over there too and travels to all the countries and gets to making some new friends. It will be a awesome experience for her!! The top picture is a picture of the girls before heading out to Taco Bell to get something to eat first and then heading to the Teen Dance in their Glow in the Dark shirts. Chris and I went to hobby lobby and bought the shirts and all the glow in the dark writing paint we could find and they spent last weekend making them. I even bought Hannah and Elijah a shirt for them to make one too. I knew they would want too see the girls doing it.

 This is a picture of the backs of the girls shirts. They had a blast and from what Sami told me everyone was "digging" their shirts and either had their mouths on the floors or wished they were them! No, she has no self confidence issue's at all does she! I wonder were she gets that from???Hmmmm????:) however all her friends love her for being her and being true to herself and not changing for anyone! I give her credit too especially in these days and times. Plus they call her Baby Girl! Why, she is the shortest and by age the youngest! Daley is 16 and Rae and Kathy turn 16 soon.... and yes 2 of her friends already have drivers license's. We have had to lay down some ground rules for sure!

My sweet girls trying to look over their shoulders at us for a picture. However I wasn't taking the photos. Chris did. I happened to have a seizure that day and was not feeling well at all, so he made sure to do this for me so I could see them and have pictures. Yes, I like to have pictures of everything... Memories people!!! Now if I just could get back to scrap booking however the idea of how far behind I am, like almost 10 years worth scares me to death and is too daunting of a task to undertake by myself for sure. Just thinking about it, overwhelms me.... I think some photo albums just might be in order and just add some decorative things to it for each child.... who knows. One day! To busy most times with the plaque/vinyl business. Thank goodness for Chris! He helps so much:) Ethan also went to this dance and was having a great time I heard from him and the girls, I even heard a bunch of Sami's friends when he wasn't paying attention and was around a bunch of girls from a previous dance who gave him a hard time, went and circled Ethan and started dancing around him! So a bunch of high school girls were getting their grove on with my son! Not that they all don't already know him but I guess Ethan loved it but was embarrassed also and well it must have done the trick because those girls who gave Ethan a hard time last dance, got a dose of their own medicine as it was put to me. Yes, all I can do is shake my head and give my motherly advice as to staying out of drama and creating it etc.... and on and on, but this is the age where you have to start to let go a bit and let them live and go out into the world. Its when they get to big for the britches that we have to knock them off the block a bit and remind them who is in charge! That always goes so well!!! Well got to get some sleep. Tomorrow we are suppose to be rearranging rooms and gutting them out... Yes, pray for us! I am going to need it and I think so are The Final Four, for the sake of their lives!
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