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Sunday, May 1, 2011

End of Soccer Season Games and Party's

 These are some pics that were on my camera of the kids and Chris at the end of the season soccer games and end of the year trophy/pizza party's. I don't know why there isn't one of Sami being given a trophy with Chris, but there isn't. Elijah's coach well, if you read a previous blog post, he wasn't the best of coach's and did not do a party or hand out trophy's at all! However, its the end of the season. Summer Basketball Season will be upon us soon but in the mean time, Elijah decided not to play baseball. I was bummed. I was hoping one of my kids would pick up on liking baseball but it doesn't look like it. However, he said he wants to play football again but this time with pads so he can tackle some kids! Elijah is a big boy, I am afraid he could hurt someone, but he would be a great defensive linemen or so I have been told! Not a huge football fan. Ethan wants to play Basketball to keep getting better as he only has one more year of middle school left till he hits High School and he wants to play High School Boys Basketball! I can't wait to see it happen to tell the truth. Sami on Varsity Girls, Ethan on JV Boy's!!! I would be so excited and cheering them both right along! Hannah has chosen cheer leading! Go figure right! Right up her alley. She is starting soon cheer practice every Friday on base. Plus I think we are going to put Hannah and Elijah into swim lessons or team however they do it on the training side of base where the only indoor pool is to keep them active. To be honest its going to be a matter of scheduling around Chris and one vehicle. I have a feeling we might need a A-B car soon. Maybe next summer.... Sami will be 16, but in the meantime she needs to get her official permit in hand so when Chris is TDY which he is going again here in May she can drive me around for my earns and helping drop off and pick up. Chris is due to deploy again in May 2012 window. So when he goes I am thankful Sami will be 16 and have a drivers licence to help me out then too. However, I am working on gaining more strength when I can, I am completely off the cane! I know makes no sense right.... well I had to use a cane for the longest time to go walk long distance's and walk around outside of the house for a long while after the 4 spinal surgeries last year. Now I am doing better to were I don't need it. I just call it time when I hurt to bad. Now if I can figure out a way to let them let me drive again, I would be good. I think I am just going to do it. See how small distance go first and keep moving up. Anyway, another update of pictures and us.... its almost the end of another school year! Hard to believe actually, Chris was deployed when the start of the school year started and all summer and the end of last school year, and I never thought it was going to end, now its the end of the school year again, Chris is home this summer aside from his monthly TDY's and here's looking forward to some summer fun. We want to take some random weekends and drive down to Corpus Chrisi to the Beach or Brownsville to see Jay, and we do have one concrete summer vacation set for the first time in 4 years! We are driving to Phoenix, AZ to Grand Canyon, then over to Albuquerque, NM to see my Cousin Jody's husband Retire from the Air Force (have some good fun and new family pictures!!!!) and then back down to San Antonio to face reality again because Sami starts Volleyball practice Aug 3rd. Sami even told us tonight that she is being honored at a Honor Roll Awards Banquet and Athletic Banquet in May! She has made honor roll 4 years in a row and also due to it made the Texas National Honor Roll which includes ALL schools in Texas plus been nominated for college's by her school counselor and other highlights. I think Growing up is hard to do FOR THE PARENTS!!!! 5 more weeks and they are out and Sami is starting her Sophomore year 10th grade and 15, Ethan turns 13 this summer and is starting his final year in Middle School 8th grade, Hannah turns 10 in September and starts 4th grade and Elijah turns 8 on Memorial Weekend and will be starting 3rd grade. At least I still have 2 in Elementary school for awhile!

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