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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sami and Friends Celebrating her 15th Birthday

 These were picture of the girls before heading out to go to the movies. Sami was getting very irritated because we were not moving fast enough. She wanted to leave before Uncle Jay got to the house and we said no because he is staying with Ethan, Hannah and Elijah plus we need to do your cake. Needless to say, Sami decided this was not a good idea, and we were going to be late for the movie! Well, we did the cake, got pictures and ran out the door to head to the Quarry Movie Theater. Not kidding as we walked in for the 10pm showing they announced that their movie sold out. I covered my mouth and moved to the side because Sami got a look on her face that if she could have killed me she would have! All her friends busted out laughing too to say the least and she was just shaking her head at me. So Rae and I jump ed on cellphones and hit our app buttons and I found that Silverado was showing their movie in a little over a hour and Chris and I's movie in about 1 hour. So we got back in the truck and headed to that theater. We got there in the nick of time to get the girls tickets to the 11:10pm showing and Chris and I into our movie at 10:40pm. There is also a restaurant in the theater so we got something to eat and drink and I took lots of photos to upload to face book on Chris's phone too while there. Chris and I happened to end up right next door to the girls theater. During our movie, we got a text asking us to come out. So Chris goes out and the girls are so scared they wanted a escort to the bathroom. Well, if you know Chris he couldn't resist. He screamed and made Poor Kathy and Rae jump and dance!!! Then our movie got out and we went and stood in the hallway and watched the last 20 min of their movie, while watching their heads pop up and down as they jumped out of their chairs from being scared. We were laughing so hard but trying to be quiet as the theater was sold out! The movie ended and poor Haylie was so scared she was in tears and the girls were freaked out and well, Chris and I couldn't do much but laugh. I hugged them all and we went out the door into the warm evening air. The whole way home they were freaked. Then out of nowhere Chris screams and all the girls screamed and jumped and We laughed so hard our stomach's hurt!!!  Then we come home, the girls are calming down, we set up the fire pit for smores for the girls. I get the kitchen cleaned up and help Chris sneak out the front door. Its like 2am at this point.... I am cleaning the kitchen putting things away and making noise and Chris waits till they are so relaxed and they can see me cleaning and out of nowhere jumps out and scares the crap out of them to the point where they all screamed so loud, and jumped out of the seats and were in the midst of those few seconds of being scared and realizing it was Chris scrambling toward the backdoor. OH MY GOSH!!! TO freaking funny:) I will try to figure out how to get my photos off Chris's phone because there are some real good ones we got on the phone also. Now they are all downstairs watching movies and bundled all together. What a bunch of GIRLS!!!!! Sami had a blast and Daley, Rae, Haylie, Kathy Thank you for coming to celebrate with Sami. We were missing one friend but I think they all had a blast. Lets see if any of them get any sleep after this night!!!

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