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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Trip to Fredericksburg/Stonwall Wine Country

Woodrose Winery in Stonewall, TX~ A little back round info we got from a printed out paper of the 27 winery's and vineyards in and around Fredericksburg. There are 27 in and around this off the beaten path about a 1 and a half away from San Antonio. Its cool to go out and find new and neat things to do around here. Woodrose Winery is located on the south side of Hwy 20 just west of Stonewall. Woodrose Winery offers restaurant style tastings where we bring the wine to you at the table. The new 3000 sq. ft multi level deck is perfect to sit down with a glass of wine, enjoy a cheese plate and enjoy our charming, laid back atmosphere under the oak trees. They are listed under and or find us under Texas Hill Country Wineries. We had so much fun enjoying the deck and choosing a couple of bottles of wine to taste and buy!
This winery was one of our favorite, its off the main highway road that lands you on a dirt road and off this dirt road are tons of ranch's and winery's and B&B's. We zoomed in on this Rose Wood Manor I believe its called. That is just the main house part of the B&B and it has a 5 star chef who cooks with the local winery's wine's in its foods and makes appearance's at local wineries also. We got to take the kids to this Winery called Pedernales Cellars. Oh they had such cute wine decor that I so wanted (ALL OF IT) but had to restrain myself. This is what the paper says on it....
Pedernales Cellars is the newest winery in the Texas Hill Country and yet is the result of a long family tradition. Visitors have a chance to taste a range of outstanding wines, and tour the state-of-the-art wine making facility, including the largest underground barrel cellar in Texas. You can also find out how wine is made at a boutique winery and how Pedernales Cellars is a leader in minimizing environmental impact from wine making. Or if you prefer, just relax with a glass of wine on the tree covered deck with breathtaking views of the Hill Country.

We had a wonderful day starting out at these 2 winery's before heading to Willow City Loop which Is part of the most scenic routes in Texas and on the Heart of Texas Hill Country's Enchanted Rock Bluebonnet Trails. Yeah, well after driving the whole loop plus more of the highlighted trails on the map looking for bluebonnets we didn't come across many. Only one and it was more of a farm/nursery place. According to all the locals due to the low amount of rains up there and the stage 2 droughts and fires, bluebonnets didn't really make a appearance this year at all. One day I swear we will get a open bluebonnet field and take some pics of the kids in them! That's all I ask!
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