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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter From The Pearson Family

Happy Easter Everyone! We hope that you all had a very blessed Easter Sunday and got to spend it with the ones you love. After a late night, Chris set the alarm for early this morning and got up and to be honest because while shopping for Easter Basket fixings Chris looked at me and pointed to a shelf full of pre-maid Easter Baskets and said why spend this when we can do this, and its easier on you and less mess. So we put everything back and for the first time I bought pre-maid Easter baskets for the kids. Sami and Ethan are too old for them to say the least, theirs came with a soccer ball in Ethan's and Sami's came with a Girl Colored Basketball, but Hannah and Elijah enjoyed theirs. We also bought and taped on the front of them each a $15 gift card. Ethans from Game Stop (his favorite place), Sami's (a ITunes Card her favorite) and Hannah (A Claire's Card her favorite). Now Elijah is harder but he is into Power Rangers, so we thought we will just go buy him a DVD and be done with it. Call it a good! Oh no, everywhere we went we couldn't find anyone, not even wal-mart, target, best buy, and some old movie stores like blockbuster who sales old DVD's of Power Rangers anymore! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Of course, I want it and they don't have it! So we ended up taping money to his basket. Well, Chris was so tired that we forgot to get a picture of the baskets this morning before they ripped into them. Oh well, not much to see anyway! Then Uncle Jay and Ethan and Sami ran to some stores that were closed all except Game Stop and came home in time for me to get my exhausted and tired body out of bed from yesterdays outing to get everyone showered and ready to head over to the base Officer's Club for Easter Sunday Brunch. Its was sooooo good! These are some shots outside the club. No sun today and high winds. Thank goodness we did our road trip yesterday! However, we had a wonderful afternoon out, ate till we couldn't eat anymore, the kids had fun at the chocolate fountain making chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallows. I can't even tell you all the food they had. It was a lot. Well, I have finally updated and posted very recent pictures on our blog for all our family to see. We hope you enjoy reading the blog and we hope all our Friends and Family Had a Wonderful Easter. God Bless +
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Hannah and Elijah playing in a easter display seems how we just missed
the Easter Bunny and a Picture with him!

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