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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Elijah's Team Picture and Sami, Ethan & Hannah's Last Soccer Games

Its was a very short soccer season this year. Not enough coach's yet again! Elijah's team couldn't get enough of the parents to show up with the kids for picture night so we got a shot of the team on the field before the end of the season ended so we as parents could have at least one picture of them together. Sami & Ethan & Hannah ofcourse had a love/hate relationship with soccer this year. Sami not competitive enough, Ethan well he can't handle Sami yelling at him and many other things, and Hannah just didn't like her coach. Which I don't blame her. He is not a very nice person and takes soccer for this age group way to seriously. However, OVERALL, it was a good season. They had fun and won some and lost some and most of all got out there and played. I am behind on team pictures. I have basketball season still to post for all 4 kids and well only 3 of the kids soccer pictures to post because Elijah's is above! Plus Hannah and Elijah got spring pictures done for school. They actually turn out decent for school pictures! Go figure that Ethan and Sami's School decided not to do Spring Pictures do to funding issue's. Grrrr! I can never win:)
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