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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bluebonnets and WildFlowers.... not many let me tell ya!

Well.... we started out trying to find the Most Popular and Scenic Texas Bluebonnet Trails up in Hill Country. We made some phone calls and even thou most of the locals were ALL telling us there were no bluebonnets this season to speak of, I was afraid because we weren't renting rooms or eating there etc... that they might be giving out bad information. Not so, as we found out after 3 hours of driving around Williow City Loop, and Highway 16 and Going to Johnson City to Fredericksburg also on a supposed very highly populated wild flower trail. We finally came across this ranch/nursery that had baby bluebonnet's and wild flowers. Of course all fenced in with NO TRESPASSING SIGNS on it! In Texas, we are card carrying gun holders down here and as the saying goes, WE USE THEM! So we took what again some of the locals said and didn't dare cross over the fence into the bluebonnet fields but stood at the fence line and took some shots. Well, lets say it was the end of a long drive and day, the kids were tired and hungry and the wind was picking up. So we got all of 2 shots of the kids at the fence line, but there was a patch of bluebonnets that were filled in with wood chips and they said "Its against the law (as we have read also) to pick, step or ruin a bluebonnet in the state of Texas so we could put the kids there but they had to be careful and only step were the wood chips were. So we did our best so Chris could take a picture of them standing next to them. Then I got frustrated with all the restrictions! Me, frustrated with people??? NEVER!!! Anyway, When no one was around I said jump the fence into the wildflowers and take a couple quick shots and jump back in the truck. How easy does that sound? Oh I love my kids. THEY HATE PICTURES!!!!!! Especially Ethan!!! GRRRR.... We weren't' asking for much but hey stand over there for a minute would you, go stand there with your siblings. Hey kids stand together please! What a task it turned out to be but, we got some shots and well, we called it good and headed back to go eat in downtown Fredericksburg. A very old Main St. Fashion Town with little mom and pop and boutiques on each side of Main St. This town as we have learned with most of Southern Texas was founded by German's. I know, who knew right! Fredericksburg is a VERY GERMAN TOWN. We loved it! Made me want to go back to Germany and do some touristy things again. Why can't I be rich??? So we ate at a American/German Restaurant walked the Main St. Went to a Old Antique Fashioned Ice Cream shop, and had a really nice evening before heading home. Overall a great day with little arguing (for the most part, LOL)
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The Bluebonnet Trail Map. We traveled to Johnson City across to Fredericksburg to winery's, then up to Williow City Loop and all the way around and down Highway 16 and back to Fredericksburg. Just to see some bluebonnets! But we got to see and experience a whole lot more!

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