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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sami and Kathy

 Sami and Kathy took my little blue camera to the teen dance last friday night. I was downloading the chip for picture for plaques and found these. What is it with this generation and taking photos in the mirrors in bathrooms???? The girls had a good time it looks like. I wish they had gotten some good pictures of all the kids at the dance and of Ethan with his friends dancing like they promised thou!!! I believe the answer was, "we forgot, we got to busy dancing!" OK Then! Tomorrow is Sami's 15th Birthday but her party is not till Friday night. She has invited 6 girlfriends over to have us take to the movies and then come home and have smores by the firepit at night and a sleepover downstairs. Yes, 6 15 &16 year teenage girls up in my house! Fun stuff:O No, they are all good when they are at my house and are respectful of our home and rules. They all hang out here anyway so it won't be to big of a deal. Next year thou, I want Sami to have a Sweet 16 Party! Lets see if she goes for it! Will post pic's of her later in the week.

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