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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Let's Dance a Jig!!!

This is the neat thing about watching Irish Dancing! Seeing these girls in these $2000 outfits!! Yep, you read that right. They told us how much it costs, and all those curls and the dancing. They are amazing! I could never even think to get my feet to move that fast or kick that high! Once of their coach's is actually one of the original "River Dancers" from Broadway!
These were some Celtic dancers showing us some of the traditional Irish Dancing and then the float parade started. As you can see the River walk is dyed Green and renamed The River Shannon for St. Patty's Weekend. It was so cool to see the river turn bright green before our very eyes! So Cool! Then at the end of the parade their were 2 riverboats filled with SANTA'S!!! Yep, it was the Santa Convention in San Antonio also! I guess Santa's helpers need a nice vacation too and well Everyone gets to be Irish for St. Patty's! Even the Santa!
After sitting in almost 90 degree heat with some wind, we were all hot and sunburned but having a good time. Then the dancers asked for audience volunteers to come learn a Irish Dance on stage across the River. Hannah and Elijah jumped up, and Sami looked at us and we said "Go if you want" so she jumped up and ran with Hannah and Elijah and all 3 got chosen to go up on the stage and learned a dance. Let me tell you, Hannah and Elijah were in their element. They learned it so fast and were just having a blast. Sami well she I think got up there and decided " what the hell was I thinking" but stayed and did it with them. Ethan of course was straight up "Hell No!" on going up there and dancing! He was like they are crazy and it isn't happening. I don't dance! Especially like that. So he sat with us and watched. They were also throwing beads and Ethan was the only one to catch a green set of beads.
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