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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Boy and his Fort

A peep hole to see out of!

  OK, Elijah has hit that "boy" stage. Power Rangers, wanting to tackle or wrestle everyone, and is now into building forts. This was done with my living room cushions that he built for himself over the weekend when Sami and Ethan were out at a teen dance and Hannah was with a friend. Not only does he do this but he will pull the blankets over the top bunk to cover his bottom bed and build a fort in his room that way also. When I went to check on him, he had pulled out a sleeping bag and made his fort a place for him to sleep in. Of course I had to get some pictures. However, about 2 hours later while Chris and I were still not asleep do to working late at night on plaques to get caught up on we heard giggling. So I look down the staircase to see him laughing IN HIS SLEEP! It was quite cute actually. He is a happy go lucky kid in general but to be laughing in his sleep too! Must be a pretty funny dream. Anyway he happened to roll and the top part of the fort fell on his face. Chris said to leave him alone but it was bothering me so I went down and I could still hear him giggling, but muffled. So I hurried and moved the pillow off his head thinking he couldn't breathe. Nope, the pillow falling on him woke him up and he was watching some Disney channel show through the spot of the fort he could see out of and was laughing at the TV now! I finally convinced him to let me put the cushions back on the coach and sleep on the coach with his sleeping bag if he was going to stay in the living room instead of moving to his bed. He gave in because the cushions kept falling over. However, I had to share because its so cute!
Sound asleep before the big pillow fell on him!

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