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Friday, February 4, 2011


OK, they kept sayings we were going to get snow and finally it happened!!!! It's SOOO COLD!!! and SNOWING!!! The news had said it would start with freezing rain and middle of the night the snow would come. Well they actually got it right. It started with freezing rain and sleet, and at 1:30am Sami came running in our room screaming "ITS SNOWING GET UP, GET UP!!!" Thank goodness I was still awake. They woke up the boys and I grabbed the camera and realized when I plugged it in the memory card didn't catch it when it was really coming down, it went to the camera's memory part??? Still can't figure out how to get those pictures of it with the boys but the girls got right back out in it for me to take some more pictures of the snow and decided to have a small snow ball fight at 2:30am! Needless to say, yes they are going to cancel school! The kids are thrilled. I still can't believe we live in San Antonio, TX and its so cold this winter that it is actually snowing!!!! I hope it keeps going to give us at least the 2-3 inches they said we might see by morning so the kids can go play in it. However, it could change back to sleet and freezing rain which is going to make the roads around here horrible to get around on because people here don't know how to drive in rain much less snow and ice! However, we are going to enjoy the moment. Its the first time in 3 years we have seen snow! We are a bunch of kids in a candy store! Uncle Jay not so much!!! He is like "I move to Texas to get away from this crap, not bring it with me!" I am sure it will be gone by tomorrow but for now..... IT'S SNOWING!!!!!
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peewee#4 said...

WOW!! Bring back the memories?? Looks like fun to you have enough snow for Angels? Have fun and stay warm!!

Love, BRRRR in Arizona