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Monday, February 7, 2011

Sami teasing Uncle Jay prior to The Superbowl!

OK, we all by now know that "I" really could careless about football. However, my family LOVES FOOTBALL!!! They each have a team. Chris & Boys are Seahawks, Nana (my mom) & Girls are The Bears, Papaw(my dad) is a Viking fan, and Uncle Jay (my brother) is a Steeler Fan. So when games are going on needless to say much trash talking is going on. Yes, I listen and laugh at them over it but know its all done in good fun and giving each other "crap" as I have been told this is how its done with football over each other's teams. Well when the Seahawks lost to The Bears (yes, my house was divided big time and each person wore their team jersey's to represent!) I finally went down and watched the game to support both sides. The Seahawks lost:( But The Bear's Won! Then Uncle Jay's team was playing and his team The Steeler's Won! So the trash talking started how they were going to the Superbowl and what team was going to win. Then The Bear's Lost and Greenbay moved onto the Superbowl to play aganist The Steelers. The last team standing as far as a team supported in the family. So my parents and Chris and I were supporting Uncle Jay's team to win #7 Superbowl Win. Well Sami had decided while Uncle Jay was sleeping early in the afternoon to print out Greenbay items and make signs and hang them all over the house for Greenbay to win! She still wore all her Bear's gear from socks, jeans, jersey and hat as she says (I still have to represent!) but didn't want The Steeler's to win. These are the pictures she ran around taking. We just laughed because well we have a good sense of humor about things. Uncle Jay woke up and first thing he seen was his jacket in front of his door. The other sleeve has all 6 Superbowl patch's on it and he wanted #7 on the other sleeve were Sami put a green "not yours" sticky there instead, and wherever he went in the house she put up signs. He just took it all in good fun, but went around ripping all the signs down to make his point right back at her and put on all his Steeler Gear too! Needless to say thou, The Steelers did not win. Sami however went to a Superbowl party and was coming home and the minute she seen Uncle Jay she started yelling from the yard "ITS GREENBAY ALL DAY BABY!" I had to shake my head behind him for her to stop. Uncle Jay was not in the mood to hear that at that moment needless to say. One thing I have learned is Football Fans take their football and Teams very seriously also especially after losing The Superbowl. However, Jay bounced back and said We got it next year! Of course Sami said you wish and Chris just smiled and I am thinking he was thinking the same thing. Lord have mercy on me when the new season starts and its back to non stop football again but for now, NO MORE FOOTBALL!!!!!
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