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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sami's JV Basketball Game with Nana and Papaw who got to see her play

This was a fun day! Sami had a JV Basketball Game along with Varsity Girls and Boys games in a town south of here in Charlotte, TX. Its about a hour drive and we went because this would be the only time Nana and Papaw would get to see her play high school sports together. Sami played the whole game and was the leader in points! The girls played a great game and of course it came down to a nail bitter of 14-13, Stacey Eagles (Sam's team having 13) and like 10 seconds to go and we were on our feet and they got the ball to Sami and she went for the shot for 3 points and it dropped right before the hoop! Just one more inch and she would have won the game for with the team! Everyone even the Varsity Girls and Boys Teams and Parents that traveled were on their feet too. She was so upset she missed the shot but we were so proud of her and Papaw I think was very proud. He was having some flash backs to his days a a ref working his way up to being a Ref in the NCAA Leagues. A ring he still wears! He told Sami how proud he was of her and some pointers and to keep up the good work that some althetism did wear off on her from her Papaw and Mom after all! Then we stayed and watched the Varsity Girls play and left. They won that game and it was a brawl! Man these girls get aggressive! I sort of love it! Then we headed back and I had the bright idea of going this other way and it dropped us out on the wrong side and added another hour to our drive home:( So a 1 hour drive turned into a 2 hour drive home. Oh well, like my mom said "well you just got to see a part of Texas you'll never see again!" Good Point! Sami's next game is a home game next week. We can't wait. Plus Ethan, Hannah and Elijah all start their games too. New Year, New Starts, New Games!
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