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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sami with a Ton of her Friends all Dressed For Homecoming at our House

No I can't name all of them even thou I do know them all but it would get confusing to say the least. Our house was grand central station this evening. Tons of Mom's and Dad's came over to take pictures as well. We made a space to put everyone and it turned out so well. The girls look so beautiful and the boys so handsome! Yes, their age's vary from 14-16 years old. All the parents thanked us for opening our home and having the idea to do this. To be honest, its those milestones that I don't want to miss and it was my pleasure!
Below are some of the couple shots of everyone. Look at my Sami!!! Yes, she is beautiful inside and out. I love "sometimes" that she doesn't care what she looks like. Her attitude is you like her for who she is. Makeup or no makeup, sweat pants and tshirts or dressed up. Hair done or not. She is her own person. There are times it drives me nuts but if I stand back and think about it, I can appreciate it and Love her all the more for being her own person who will get far in life with tons of friends and family WHO DO LOVE HER JUST THE WAY SHE IS!!!! WE LOVE YOU SAMI!
Ok, here we go... Top corner Angela and Emily, Austin and Marissa, 3 girls with flowers is Haylie, Sami and Angela, below that is Rae with her leg on Sami, Second row, Rae and Vance, Hailey and Steven, Aaron and Vance, and Emily and Ray, and the Big one is of Sami and Aaron. See I know them!!! and yes this is how my house is normally on any given day. I love it.
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